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Filling prescriptions at the University of Rochester Medical Center is convenient, secure and always confidental. Call one of our pharmacies and we'll help you fill your prescription right over the phone.

We'll ask you for information about yourself, your insurance and your medication, then we'll call your doctor for your prescription. Also, your doctor is always welcome to call us with your prescription and we'll contact you once it's filled. URMC pharmacies offer delivery and mail service upon request for phone orders.

Refill/Renew a Prescription

If you've filled a prescription with one of our pharmacies, it's easy to renew your prescription or fill a new medication. You can use one of our automated telephone prescription lines. Call in your prescription and we'll contact you when your order is filled. We also offer delivery and mail service upon request for phone orders.

Fill A Specialty/Compound Prescription

Medication compounding allows our pharmacists to customize the strength and dosage of a medication to meet your individual needs. Compounding may involve changing a medication from a pill into a penetrating skin cream, adding flavors, or preparing a dye-free or preservative-free medication. We'll make sure you get exactly what you need. More about medication compounding

Transfer A Prescription

To transfer your existing prescription from any other pharmacy, simply provide us with some basic information about yourself, your prescription, your doctor and current pharmacy and we'll take care of the rest.

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