Department of Pharmacy

Residency Directors

PGY1 Pharmacy and Pediatrics Practice

Dave Webster, RPh, MSBA

PGY1 Community

Timothy J. Warner, RPh, MBA

PGY2 Infectious Diseases

Erica Dobson, PharmD, BCPS, (AQ-ID), AAHIVE

PGY2 Emergency Medicine

Nicole M. Acquisto, PharmD, BCPS

Contact Us

Strong Memorial Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy
(585) 275-4931

Highland South Wedge Pharmacy
(585) 279-4790

Strong Ties Outpatient Pharmacy
(585) 279-4950

Infectious Disease Clinic Pharmacy
(585) 275-6272

URMC Employee Pharmacy
(585) 276-3900

URMC Specialty Pharmacy
(585) 273-4767 Or
(855) 340-4767

Highland Pharmacy at Jordan Health Center
(585) 423-5802

James P. Wilmot Cancer Center Pharmacy
(585) 275-5170

Investigational Drug Studies
(585) 275-6153

Residency Program Summary

Starting Date: July 1

Type/Duration: 12 month/full-time

Application Deadline: Varies by program

Interview Required: Yes

Presentation Required: Yes

Curriculum Vitae Required: Yes

College Transcripts Required: Yes

Letters of Recommendation: Three