Physical Therapy

Outpatient Services

Spine Center

Specialists in the treatment of neck and back disorders and a multitude of arm and leg injuries, including multiple trauma. Our focus of care is to increase motion, strength, coordination and balance to help you return to your prior work and recreational activity levels.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Comprehensive evaluation of a person's functional abilities as they relate to work performance.

Aquatics Therapy

Aquatic therapy offers an alternative form of rehabilitation and can be used in conjunction with more traditional outpatient therapies.

Balance Training Program

Extensive, individualized assessments to determine the cause(s) of decreased balance and increased risk of falling. Posture, balance, strength, coordination and function are addressed.

Just For Women

It's no secret that women have unique medical needs. Doesn't it make sense that the medical professionals who serve us should have unique knowledge and experience?


Specialized treatment for strokes, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, and other neurological conditions.


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