Protein Separation Technologies & Biomarker Screens

Method Number

100 110 120 130 140 141
Method Name 2-D LC separation isocratic separation SELDI 2-D PAGE
Instrument PF 2D PPS AutoFlex Zoom
Cost (per sample) $1000 discuss with directors discuss with directors $150 (small gel)
$300 (large gel)
Sample requirements 5 mg of protein mixture discuss with directors discuss with directors 200 µg (large gel)
50 µg (small gel)
Applications 2D separation and chromatogram for biomarker screen
  1. deplete abundant serum proteins
  2. custom separations with custom resins
comparison of biomarkers in different samples profile protein distribution in sample
Turnaround Time        
Logical downstream analytical steps
  1. compare the following sample types:
    a) healthy vs diseased
    b) wildtype vs mutant
    c) developmental stages
  2. conduct MS ID on differentially expressed components
MS analysis,
PF 2D,
2-D gel
design strategy to isolate and identify biomarkers
  1. comparative expression analysis
  2. MS ID of differentially expressed gel spots