Contract & Custom Research Projects

The Rochester Proteomics Center provides investigators and research groups with an opportunity to contract and design research projects, utilizing cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology

Stages of Contracted Research Projects:

Stage 1

Begin initial consultation with Fred Hagen.

Explore scope of project through discussions with Fred Hagen.

Project consultations and designs are at no charge.

Stage 2

Design of Project.
2A) General experimental strategy is design and discussed.
2B) Core directors record and submit the project design to the investigator in writing.

Stage 3

Fee projection/calculation of the project.
The investigator agrees to cover all costs of the project at the time work begins.
Costs are determined by:
a) Preliminary or routine Proteomics Core analysis: See cost of routine services
b) Consumable supplies
c) Instrument usage
d) Core personnel time

Stage 4

WORK ORDER contract, agreement, and sign-off.
The investigator signs a Contract Work Order and provides an account number for billing for services or agrees to cover a set amount of a technicians salary or instrument service contract.
The Rochester Proteomics Center defines the scope of the project in this contract.

Stage 5

Work begins after the contract is signed.

Stage 6

The Rochester Proteomics Center will communicate progress on the project on a regular, predefined basis, with written reports and presentations of data in a high-quality format that is compatible with publication requirements.

Optional Approaches to New Projects

Begin with some routine MS services to obtain preliminary data on your project before initiating a CONTRACT RESEARCH PROJECT.