Department of Psychiatry

Inpatient Services

The Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Service serves patients ages 18 through 60 with acute symptoms of psychiatric illness or disorder who require a safe, therapeutic environment to support re-stabilization. Patients are admitted to the care of a treatment team consisting of a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse practitioner or resident and a social worker who develop the interdisciplinary treatment plan in collaboration with the patient. Each unit has a nurse manager who, in collaboration with medical leadership, oversees the provision of safe, professional, clinically appropriate care 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. The unit staff consists of psychiatric registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, psychiatric technician and activities therapists who participate in treatment planning and who provide a safe, therapeutic, confidential environment and individualized psycho-education, groups and activities. Patient unit secretaries provide support to the entire unit staff. The Medicine in Psychiatry Service is available to provide consultation as indicated for medical concerns. Discharge planning begins immediately to prepare the patient and family to move to less restrictive level of care as soon as it is clinically safe to do so. Each inpatient unit is part of a larger patient population-specific programmatic continuum of care including partial hospital programs, continuing day treatment programs, assertive community treatment teams and ambulatory services within Strong Behavioral Health.

The Adult Inpatient Service consists of three 22-bed locked units.

  • Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, 2-9200
    This 22-bed unit primarily serves patients ages 18-60 with new or recent onset of psychiatric symptoms in need of acute stabilization. Unit-based program provides psycho-education on illness, medication, health and wellness and coping skills to assist patients and their families in partnering with treatment providers to promote recovery.
  • MICA (Mentally Ill/Chemically Addicted) Unit 3-9000
    This 22-bed unit primarily serves patients ages 18 through 60 who are experiencing acute symptoms of psychiatric illness or disorder with concurrent substance abuse or addiction. Unit-based program provides psycho-education on illness, medication, substance abuse issues and treatment options, health and wellness and coping skills. The potential for withdrawal symptoms is closely monitored with a focus on prevention and early intervention to promote patient safety.
  • GeroPsychiatric/Short-Term Recovery Services Unit 4-9000
    The 11-bed Geriatric Psychiatry Service treats persons 60 years of age or older. The patients may have acute symptoms of affective or psychotic disorders with acute mental status changes, or behavioral changes where acute medical etiology has been ruled out. The patients may have co-morbid dementias or traumatic brain injuries.

    The 11-bed Short-Term Recovery Service treats persons ages 18-60 with a diagnosis and treatment history that is well established. They are enrolled in treatment in the community or are eligible for immediate enrollment. Also important is that their behaviors can be safely managed on a mixed unit with geriatric patients.

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