Department of Psychiatry

Partial Hospital Services Adult

Mission of Service

To provide services aimed at stabilization of acute psychiatric symptoms in a safe and structured environment. The Adult Partial Hospitalization Program has two tracks: General Psychiatric and a MICA (Mental Illness Chemical Addicted). The program is a 5-day a week program that offers a comprehensive treatment approach using such modalities as individual, group, family, and psychopharmacology, provided by a multidisciplinary treatment team. Treatment is individualized and focuses on assisting individuals in psychosocial crises or early phases of recovery from acute symptoms of mental illness. The program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who may otherwise require inpatient hospitalization or who are transitioning from an inpatient admission.

Target Population

Individuals who are 18 years old or older, have a provisional diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder as specified in the DSM IV.

Description of Service Providers

Upon entering the program, patients are assigned a treatment team. This team includes a primary therapist, a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, a social worker, group therapists and nurses. The social worker will meet with patients as need indicates. The patients also will receive a health screen upon entering the program, which includes, but is not limited to, assessment for the need for a full physical exam and nutritional concerns. Other professionals, such as a dietician, may be included on the treatment team should the patient require specialized services.

Types of Services Provided

The program is a unique program combining medication treatment, individual and group therapies, and medical monitoring. As noted above, a dietician is also on staff for group and individual consultation. Family involvement is also strongly encouraged.

Special Features of Service

The MICA PHP provides a unique treatment opportunity where the needs of the dually diagnosed population get met while focussing intensively on both the mental illness and the chemical dependency issues. The MICA PHP is an abstinence-based program with a similar treatment approach to the General Psychiatric PHP. Both tracks within the Adult Partial Hospitalization Programs actively involve participants in establishing specific, realistic, and measurable goals meant to stabilize the symptoms that led to the need for intensive treatment.


Contact Information: General Psychiatric and MICA
(585) 279-7850
Location of Service: 315 Science Parkway, Suite 300 (Building B)
Rochester, New York 14620
Hours of Operation: 9:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays

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