Department of Psychiatry

Inpatient Services

The Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry Service serves patients ages 5 through 18 with symptoms of acute psychiatric illness or disorder requiring a safe, therapeutic and supportive environment to support stabilization interventions. Our approach involves multi-disciplinary evaluation and treatment of each patient, actively involving families and other care and treatment providers.

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Patients are admitted to the care of an inpatient treatment team consisting of a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse practitioner or resident and a social worker who develop the interdisciplinary treatment plan in collaboration with the patient and caregivers. A program-based psychologist provides consultation to the treatment teams. The Child Acute Services Nurse Manager, in collaboration with medical leadership, oversees the provision of safe, professional, clinically appropriate care 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

The unit staff consists of psychiatric registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, psychiatric technicians and activities therapists who participate in treatment planning and who provide a safe, therapeutic, confidential environment, groups and individualized safety and behavioral plans. Patient unit secretaries provide support to the entire unit staff. The Rochester City School District provides teachers who provide the school program and interface with the child’s home school. A pediatric nurse practitioner, in collaboration with a pediatrician from Adolescent Medicine, is available to provide consultation as indicated for medical concerns. Discharge planning begins immediately to prepare the patient and family to move to less restrictive level of care as soon as it is clinically safe to do so.

The Child and Adolescent Inpatient Service is part of the Child and Adolescent Division’s continuum of care including a partial hospital program, outpatient services and psychiatric consultation services to pediatrics.

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