Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide

Laboratory of Depression and Medical Comorbidity

The Laboratory of Depression and Medical Comorbidity conducts research examining the relationships between depression and medical comorbidity in later life, including descriptive, etiologic model-testing, and intervention studies.

Faculty & Staff



Research Staff:

  • Karen Gibson, M.S.Ed.
  • Andra M. Niculescu, M.D.
  • Constance Bowen, M.S.
  • James S. Evinger, M.Div.
  • Jean M. Sauvain, B.S.
  • Jill L. Scheltz, B.A.


"Depression outcome in older primary care patients"
(R01 MH61429)

J.M. Lyness, PI; 3/1/01-2/28/05. This study will examine the 3-4 year course of depression in older primary care patients, including psychiatric, medical, functional, and psychosocial variables as both predictors and outcomes. The focus is on major, minor, and subsyndromal depressions in these patients, to test theoretical models (e.g., the cerebrovascular model just described) by a risk factor approach as well as to identify those most at risk for chronicity, to better target future intervention efforts.

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