Department of Psychiatry

Didactics and Scholarly Effort


Seminars in both the first and second years complement the clinical components of the curriculum; a listing of seminars can be found in the schematic descriptions for each year.

During the first year, residents participate in a graduated series of seminars. Taught by both academic and clinical faculty, these seminars introduce the resident to the basic concepts and practices of child psychiatry. Seminars in the second year are designed to explore questions stimulated by the residents' clinical experiences.

Independent Project

An important part of the second year's curriculum is the expectation that the resident will engage in an independent project. One day of the schedule for 6 months is allotted to this activity, which can take a number of forms. Some residents choose to design and carry out a limited clinical research project in collaboration with research faculty. Others elect to examine a clinical or theoretical question in depth through literature review. Faculty are readily available to advise and assist in this process and to support the resident in the presentation of the results at the end of the year.

Training Context

In addition to the residency in Child Psychiatry, the Department of Psychiatry sponsors a nationally recognized training program in Clinical Child Psychology. Four child psychology interns and two child psychology postdoctoral fellows participate in this program. While child psychiatry faculty provide the majority of the teaching and supervision for the child psychiatry residents, child psychology faculty enrich and inform the program. The clinical activities at SMH are all interdisciplinary in nature, and the interaction between the two advanced training programs is lively and constructive.

Medical student education is a central part of the mission of the Department of Psychiatry, and there are many opportunities for child psychiatry residents to teach and interact with medical students in both pre-clinical and clinical situations.

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