Office of Mental Health Promotion

Bridge Art Gallery

As a part of the Department of Psychiatry, the Office of Mental Health Promotion (OMHP) aims to provide a new space for local artists to display their artwork while at the same time creating a lovely and therapeutic environment for the patients, families and employees of Strong Behavioral Health. Our hope is to diminish the stigma and hesitance associated with entering our part of the Medical Center.

Bridge Gallery logoOMHP’s outreach includes artists of all demographics and serves to provide space for locals to meet and experience the talent held by our community members. We plan to have three shows a year. Art works will be juried by the Department of Psychiatry first floor volunteers along with our Department of Psychiatry Community Art Committee members.

Submission Form Abundance

Abundance Call for Art

**If you are having trouble with the submission form, please include the following: Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website, Title of Image, Medium, Dimensions of the orginial piece (NOT what you would like your piece to be sized at)

Directions to Gallery

  1. Enter through the Strong Behavioral Health atrium and enter the doors on the left.
  2. Walk past the check-in desk and take a left.
  3. You will then follow the hall to the blue elevators on your right and take to the 1st floor.
  4. Exit the elevators to your right and then turn left. You will begin entering the Bridge Gallery

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