Public Health Grand Rounds

Fall 2008

"Addressing Health Disparities"; 12/5/08: Presented by Wade Norwood and Leadership of the African American and Latino Health Coalitions

"How To Improve the Influenza Vaccination Rates"; 11/21/08: Presented by Byung-Kwang Yoo, MD, MSc, PhD; University of Rochester

"Health Action Report Cards"; 11/7/08: Presented by Andrew Doniger, MD, MPH; Nana Bennett, MD, MPH; Monroe County Department of Health; University of Rochester

"URMC's Fourth Mission: Recommendations for Engagement in Community Partnerships"; 10/17/08: Presented by Katrina Smith Korfmacher, PhD; Kimberly Schmitt; University of Rochester

"TBA": 9/26/08: Presented by TBA; University of Rochester

"Talk on Lipitor (atorvastatin)"; 9/19/08: Presented by Theodore Eisenberg; Henry Allen Mark Professor of Law; Cornell University

"2005-2015 is the WHO ‘Water for Life’ decade"; 9/12/08: Presented by Salva Dut; Director, Water for the Sudan

"“Blueprints for Change” Setting Priorities and Strategies to Address Community Issues"; 9/5/08: Presented by Patricia Davis; United Way Director of Community Investment

This seminar series is funded in part by Cooperative Agreement #U36/CCU319276CFDA93.283, which is shared by the American Association for Medical Colleges and the Centers for Disease Control.