Saward-Berg Lecture

The Saward-Berg Honorary Lecture is a student-run event.  Each year, PhD students in the Department of Public Health Sciences are given the opportunity to select an outside speaker who is considered to be outstanding in his or her field.  It provides us the chance to learn from and interact with leaders in fields like health services research, epidemiology, and health policy.  Furthermore, it affords us the opportunity to honor the legacy of two former department faculty members whose generosity makes this lecture possible: Dr. Ernest Saward and Dr. Robert Berg.

The Saward-Berg Lecture is named for Ernest Saward, M.D. and Robert L. Berg, M.D. A 1939 graduate of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Dr. Saward was medical director of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program from 1945 to 1970, a distinguished University of Rochester faculty member, and a pioneering expert in health plans. Dr. Berg was the founding chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences (formerly the Department of Community and Preventive Medicine) where he served as an invaluable resource and mentor for medical and graduate students for almost 50 years. He was also an early architect of community health initiatives in the Rochester area.

2013                   David Grabowski, PhD
“Care Coordination for Dually Eligible Beneficiaries”
Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School

2012                   Kenneth J. Rothman, DMD, Dr. PhD, MPH
“The Public Perception of Epidemiology”
Department of Epidemiology, Boston University School of Public Health
VP for Epidemiology Research at Research Triangle Institute Health Solution

2011                   W. David Helms, PhD
“The Health Reform Challenge”
Director of LMI Center for Health Reform, former CEO of AcademyHealth

2010                   David Bloom, PhD, MPH
“The Health and Wealth of Nations”
Chair, Department of Global Health and Population
Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography
Harvard School of Public Health

2009                   Margaret Kruk, MD
“Global is Local: New Challenges in Global Public Health”
Assistant Professor Health Management and Policy
University of Michigan School of Public Health

2008                   Don Francis, MD, D.Sc
“Off to a Bad Start: Reflections on the First Decade of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic 1981-1991”
Former Centers for Disease Control’s AIDS Advisor to the State of California

2007                   Theodore Marmor, PhD

"The Quest for Universal Health Care: Understanding that Struggle in American Politics” Professor of Politics, Management & Law, Yale University Director, Center for Health Studies

2005                   Harold S. Luft, PhD
“Outcomes After Acute Myocardial Infarction for Medicare Beneficiaries in Fee-for Service and HMO Settings”
Director, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute and Chair of the Health Policy Department