About the Division

Mission Statement

As an integrated component of the Department of Public Health Sciences, the Division of Epidemiology is committed to lifelong inquiry and learning through the conduct of a broad scope of health-related investigations and the teaching of epidemiology as a sequential process of reasoning. Members of the division seek to achieve excellence in our educational endeavors and to extend our research initiatives to challenge the limits of our knowledge and enhance our contribution to disease prevention and health promotion worldwide. Solid methodologic foundations and strong analytic skills are the hallmark of the problem-solving paradigm that we foster, practice, and teach within our division.

Division Goals

  • To further develop the doctoral program in epidemiology
  • To increase the breadth and depth of independent, investigator-initiated research within the division
  • To establish and support a network of ongoing collaborations with other university investigators by offering analytic and content expertise in research initiatives
  • To implement a process of scientific exchange that will stimulate and support faculty and staff within the division in achieving their career goals
  • To develop a community integration program which will serve to enhance the division's interaction with and contribution to the local community and the state at large.


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