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Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Health Policy and Outcomes Research in the Department of Public Health Sciences is to improve the health of individuals and populations through contributions to the understanding of the role of health services on health.

Division News

Dr. Li received two R01 grants from the National Institute on Aging, and he is the Principal Investigator on both projects. The first project was designed to identify the key structural and process components of state technical assistance programs that effectively improve nursing home quality measured by risk-adjusted health outcomes and case mix adjusted deficiency citations. The second project aims to test the between- and within-physician variations in referring patients for cardiac procedures and to understand how differential referral patterns contribute to the observed disparities in receiving high quality CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) surgery among mentally-ill patients.

Dr. Veazie received R21 grant from the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Mental Health. He will be the Principal Investigator on a study to develop a web-based decision lab for the study of physician decision-making. The initial work will investigate the role of patient race in physician decisions to prescribe antidepressants to the elderly. 

Dr. Temkin-Greener continues her NIH funded R01 grant project investigating the impact of team performance on risk-adjusted patient care outcomes in 206 New York State nursing homes. Her research team has assessed the characteristics of facilities that foster teams and the impact of teams and other management practices on staff turnover. The findings were presented at the Gerontological Society of America annual conference in San Francisco, November 2007.

Dr. Veazie received a grant from the Institute of Informed Medical Decision Making. He will be co-investigator with principal investigator Dr. James Dolan on a study of the use of graphical presentation technologies in facilitating patient decisions regarding the choice of pain medications for osteoarthritis.

Dr. Temkin-Greener’s contract with the National PACE Association was renewed. Dr. Temkin-Greener received a contract for the 4th consecutive year to assess the impact of the CMS risk-adjusted payment model on PACE programs and to develop program-level quality indicators. For these purposes, individual level health data are being submitted by 38 PACE program nationally to the PACE Data Analysis Center which Dr. Temkin-Greener directs at the University of Rochester. 

Dr. Temkin-Greener was invited to be a visiting guest lecturer at the Health Services Research Institute of the Maccabi Healthcare Services in Israel. She visited there in February of 2008 giving a presentation and discussing possible research collaborations.


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