Tobacco Control Clinical Research

Telephone, mailed, web-based, and pharmacological interventions for smoking cessation across large populations and broad geographic areas; healthcare provider interventions; attitudes, beliefs, readiness to change and intervention practices among smokers and health care providers; special populations including adolescents and older adults.

Historical Perspectives on Health Care

Health politics and policy in twentieth century America; career patterns of social activist physicians; American psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine, 1880-1980; health services research and its transformations; public health in twentieth century America.

Cancer Control Clinical Research

Etiology, prevention, and amelioration of adverse effects of cancer treatment, including role of the autonomic nervous system in the development and expression of chemotherapy-associated nausea; role of cognitive factors, including patient expectations, in the development of anticipatory and post-treatment nausea; prevention and treatment of fatigue in patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy; cognitive consequences of receipt of chemotherapy.



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