Research Activities

Multidisciplinary research is encouraged in the department and several cross-cutting forms of research have developed. Three areas illustrative of such research activity are geriatrics/gerontology, maternal and child health, and preventive cardiology. Each of these encompass investigators in behavior sciences, health service and policy, and epidemiology, to comprehensively address major research questions.


Name/Academic Title/Phone/Research Activities

Adams, M. Jacob, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, (585) 275-5951
Cardiovascular Risk in Childhood Cancer Survivors; Cardiovascular and Cancer Risk in Those Exposed to Chest Irradiation; Molecular Markers of Cancer Risk After Irradiation

Block, Robert C., MD, MPH, FACP, Assistant Professor, (585) 275-3356
The Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Risk of Cardiovascular Disease; The Effects of Potent Lipid Mediator Products of Fatty Acids on Cardiovasular Disease; The Effects of the Epidemiologic Transition on Cardiovascular Disease; The Organization of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Services

Brown, Theodore, PhD, Professor, (585) 275-1545
The WHO and the Politics of International & Global Health; American Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine; The Career Patterns of Social Activist Physicians; Health Politics and Policy in Twentieth Century America; Public Health in Twentieth Century America; Health Services Research and Its Transformations
Chin, Nancy, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor/Associate Chair for Education/Director, MPH Program, (585) 275-9780
Social and Cultural Dimensions of Women & Children's Health; Regional Projeccts in China, Haiti, and Rochester, NY.

Dozier, Ann, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, (585) 276-3998
Program Evaluation; Maternal Child Health/Women's Health; Mixed Methods; Survey Design and Development; Global Health

Fernandez, Diana, MD, MPH, PhD , Associate Professor, (585) 275-9554
Obesity; Nutritional Epidemiology; Worksite Interventions to Prevent Overweight/Obesity; Pregnancy Related Weight Gain in Adolescents

Martina, Camille, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, (585) 273-3874
University of Rochester's Clinical and Translational Science Institute; The Rochester Prevention Research Center (PRC/CDC): National Center for Deaf Health Research; Environmental Medicine Integrated into the Medical School Curriculum; Pilot Study to Assess Phthalate and Bisphenol A (BPA) Exposures in Women of 18-45 Years of Age in Old Order Mennonite and Non-Old Order Mennonite Women Residing in Yates County, NY

McIntosh, Scott, MA, PhD, Associate Professor, (585) 275-0511
Smoking Cessation in Special Populations; Telephone "Quitline" Interventions for Smoking Cessation; Technology/Web Assisted Risk Behavior Intervention; Practice Based Research Networks; Physician Training in Patient Risk Behavior Change; Internet Training for Physicians and Medical Students; Behavioral Change: Pediatric Obesity/Obesity in Worksites; Community Health Improvement; Medical School Curriculum: Community Health, Tobacco

Ossip, Deborah, MS, PhD, Associate Professor, (585) 275-0528
Global Health: Tobacco Use in the Dominican Republic; Tobacco Quitlines; Primary Care Interventions for Tobacco Use; Smoking Intervention for Special Populations (Rural, Mid-Life and Older, Adolescent, Economically Disadvantaged, Minority, etc); Predictors of Smoking Abstinence; Outcomes Measurement; Behavioral Medicine

Tacci, James, MD, JD, MPH, Assistant Professor, (585) 275-8678
Workplace Health and Productivity Management; Workplace Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Temkin-Greener, Helena, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor and Program Director, Health Services Research & Policy, (585) 275-8713
Quality of Care and Long-Term Care; End of Life and Palliative Care; Measures of Organizational Performance

Veazie, Peter, PhD, Associate Professor, (585) 273-5464
Physician Decision Making; Patient Decision Making and the Use of Decision Aids; Patient Help Seeking and Compliance Behavior

van Wijngaarden, Edwin, PhD, Associate Professor and Division Chief, Epidemiology, (585) 275-1985
Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology; Child Development


Professor Emeritus

Name/Academic Title/Phone/Research Activities

Barker, William, MD,(585) 275-3357
Factors Explaining the Trends in Morbidity and Mortality Among the Elderly in the US; Stroke; Pneumonia; Hip Fracture; Hypertension; Congestive Heart Failure; Comparative Developments in Health Services for the Elderly; Career Development in Geriatrics in Great Britian and the US; Functional Decline Associated with Influenza, Pneumonia and Other Illnesses of Older Persons; Curriculum Development in Immunization in Medical Education; Vaccination Delivery Strategies in Managed Care Organizations

Kunitz, Stephen, MD, PhD, (585) 275-1545
Political Culture, Income Equality, and Mortality in the United States

Zimmer, James, MD (585) 275-2831
Aging and Long Term Care


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