Research Clinical Activities

Nancy Perini Chin, Ph.D.
Bethany House, emergency shelter for women in transition, facilitator, emotional support group for women, alternate Thursdays.

Ann Dozier, R.N., Ph.D.
Provided consultation in survey design, development, and implementation to 1) J. Loughner, Ph.D. (Strong Memorial Hospital) - Chemotherapy Error Reduction 2) D. Mukamel, Ph.D. (D.C.P.M.) – National PACE Survey 3) S. Humiston, M.D. and P. Szylagi, M.D. – National Infant Flu Vaccine Survey 4) J. Griggs, M.D. (Medical Oncology) – Breast Cancer Survivor (Griggs) 5) R. Gottlieb, M.D. (Radiology) – Abdominal Pain Study 6) K. Connor, M.D. (Psychiatry) – Suicide Control Recruitment

Provided consultation on qualitative design/implementation to 1) D. Johnson, M.D. (Eastman Dental Center) – Dental Health Problems Among the Chronically Ill 2) S. Forbis, MD (Pediaatrics) – Evaluation of Parental Asthma Information Sheet

Assumed management of Finger Lakes Regional Perinatal Data System database, research requests, and liaison with participating hospitals. Research, and other, consultations provided to 1) D. Fernandez, MD 2) L. Goldsmith, M.D. 3) C. Howard 4) C. Glantz, M.D. 5) J. Ellison (Livingston County Health Department) 6) P. Collier (Perinatal Network of Monroe County) 7) A. Doniger (Monroe County Health Department) 8) S. Berg (Monroe County Health Department)

Provided consultations for grant proposal development to 1) J. Bazarian, M.D. (Emergency Medicine) 2) L. McInerney, MD (Pediatrics) 3) M. Davies, MD (Vascular Surgery) 4) J. Zwanzinger, Ph.D. (D.C.P.M.) 5) S. McIntosh, Ph.D. (D.C.P.M.)

Scott McIntosh, Ph.D.
Manage website disseminating information on nutrition and cardiovascular health (; manage Smokers’ Victory Line and QLine quitlines, oversee activities of telephone staff; accept referrals for smoking cessation from Cancer Center clinicians; provide "Quit Packs", self-help smoking cessation materials to 15 counties

Deborah Ossip, Ph.D.
Direct Smokers’ Victory Line and Adolescent QLine and GottaQuit quitlines and web chat, oversee activities of telephone and chat staff; receive referrals for smoking cessation from University of Rochester Medical Center and James P. Wilmot Cancer Center clinicians; provide free community "Quit Packs" to 15 county area on request through James P. Wilmot Cancer Center.



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