Outcomes and Quality of Care Research

Robert Holloway
Dr. Holloway is developing and testing quality of care indicators for acute stroke care.

Bruce Friedman
Dr. Friedman currently is the Research Director for the Medicare Primary and Consumer-Directed Care Demonstration, a $15 million study sponsored by Medicare that is being conducted at two sites in three states (New York, West Virginia, and Ohio). The purpose of the Demonstration is to test the acceptability and effectiveness of three models of consumer-directed care provided to high-risk, functionally impaired Medicare patients living at home: (1) a health promotion nurse intervention, (2) a voucher that pays for home care benefits that Medicare does not normally finance, and (3) the combination of the nurse and voucher interventions. The primary outcomes being tested over the 24-month intervention period include a full range of 34 specific types of healthcare services, from physician office visits to a variety of home care visits and hours to hospital inpatient and nursing home days to a number of ambulatory services including chiropractic, podiatrist, and dental. Other outcomes being examined include mortality, Medicaid spend-down, permanent nursing home admission, several measures of patient empowerment and control, functional health status (activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living), physical health (the SF-36 and specific chronic conditions), mental health status (including depression and suicidal ideation), vision, hearing, preventive health services, and chronic pain.

Ann Dozier
Customer/client satisfaction; survey design and development; parenting and child maltreatment; perinatal outcomes.

Deborah Ossip
Behavioral medicine, health impact of lifestyle change with particular focus on cigarette smoking, obesity, aging, child/adolescent outcomes measurement, and community intervention.

Helena Temkin-Greener
Health services research focusing on organization, financing, and delivery of care for the elderly; development of risk-adjusted payment models, and outcomes research.

Joseph Guido
Lead Analyst Programmer and Statistician for several NCI and NHLBI grants including smoking cessation, diet and drug therapies affecting cholesterol levels, preventive cardiology interventions in patients with CAD and the epidemiology of growth and nutrition in children.

Scott McIntosh
Self-help interventions for smoking cessation and behavioral change with various populations.


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