Cancer Therapeutic Control

About Us

Our Cancer Control Program (URCC) was the first NCI-funded Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) research base housed within a cancer center. It has been funded continually since 1983 and has evolved into one of the leading resources for cancer control research activities within the program. It links community cancer specialists, primary care physicians, and other health care professionals to the NCI-supported Cooperative Groups and Cancer Centers to conduct NCI-approved cancer treatment, prevention, and control clinical trials. Click here to visit our CCOP website.

There are two aspects to the CCOP program: affiliates and research bases. Affiliates are groups of private practice physicians (medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, therapists, pediatric oncologists) and ancillary staff (nurses, social workers, clinical research associates, data managers) who are paid by the NCI to accrue patients to both treatment trials and cancer control trials. Currently, there are 63 CCOP affiliates throughout the United States. Research bases are funded by the NCI CCOP mechanism to provide randomized clinical intervention trials for the CCOP affiliates. Twelve cooperative groups and cancer centers are funded as research bases.

The URCC CCOP research base facilitates the development, conduct, quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation of clinical trials for 24 CCOP affiliates. Our research focuses on interventions for symptom management during cancer treatment and among survivors, such as yoga for sleep problems and curcumin for radiation dermatitis. Other areas of interest are nausea, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, sleep problems, and hot flashes.

CCOP Map 2011


We are located on the second floor in the Saunders Research Building at 265 Crittenden Blvd.

Our Physical Exercise Activity and Kinesiology (PEAK) Clinical Research Core Lab is located in B-5035 which is just across the street in the main URMC campus. Click here for an informational brochure about the PEAK Lab and how it can assist in your research.

Sampling of our Research Programs

EXCAP: Exercise for Cancer Patients

Excap logo

STAR: Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene


MOSAIC: Management of Sleep Associated Problems in Breast Cancer


YOCAS: Yoga for Cancer Survivors


Interested in Clinical Research Training in Cancer Control?

Click here to find out more about the R25 NCI-supported training program offered at URMC.

Our Faculty and Staff


  • Gary Morrow, PhD, MS – Professor and Director
  • Kavita Chandwani, MD, MPH, DrPH – Research Assistant Professor
  • Katie Devine, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
  • Jennifer Gewandter, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
  • Charles Heckler, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
  • Michelle Janelsins, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
  • Charles Kamen, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
  • Karen Mustian, PhD, MPH – Research Assistant Professor, PEAK Lab Director
  • Anita Peoples, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
  • Luke Peppone, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
  • Joseph Roscoe, PhD – Research Associate Professor
  • Julie Ryan, PhD, MPH – Research Assistant Professor
  • Lara Trevino, PhD – Research Assistant Professor


  • Christine Bryce, Data Control Clerk
  • Ann Colasurdo, BA – Health Project Coordinator
  • Jennifer Dolan, MS, CCRC – Health Project Coordinator
  • Sebastien Estaque, BS – Senior Information Analyst
  • Leslie Gillies, CCRC – Health Project Coordinator
  • Jenine Hoefler, BA – Health Project Coordinator
  • Ryan Jones, MS – Information Analyst
  • Cathleen Lesniewski, BS – Health Project Coordinator
  • Jacque Lindke, CCRC – Senior Health Project Coordinator
  • Diane Malone – Data Control Clerk
  • Nicole Murray, MS – Health Project Coordinator
  • Libby Nagalski – Laboratory Technician
  • Michelle Porto, MA – Exercise Physiologist
  • Tsige Temanu – Data Control Clerk
  • Ann Wiater – Secretary

Make an Appointment

If you would like to make an appointment or consult our physicians for a second opinion, please contact us at one of the following locations:

  • Wilmot Cancer Center
    (585) 275-2171
  • Highland Hospital
    (585) 341-6750
  • Cancer Center at Park Ridge
    (585) 225-3989
  • Sands Cancer Center
    (585) 396-6180