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Student & Post-Doctoral Fellow Members

Member Program Research Project Area
Photo of Shujie Chen
Shujie Chen, M.S.
Doctoral Program in Electrical & Computer Engineering Ultrasound imaging and image processing
Photo of Eric Comeau
Eric Comeau
Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering
Photo of Etana Elegbe
Etana Elegbe
Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering Spatially Modulated Ultrasound Radiation Force as a novel tool for tissue imaging and characterization.
Photo of Jonathan Langdon
Jonathan Langdon
Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering Medical imaging research
Photo of Karla Mercado
Karla P.. Mercado
Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering Ultrasound Characterization of Engineered Tissues
Photo of Rohit Nayak
Rohit Nayak
Doctoral Program in Electrical & Computer Engineering Clinical implementation of non-invasive vascular elastography
Photo of Oscar Osapoetra
Oscar Osapoetra
Doctoral Program in Physics & Astronomy Viscoelastography and Poroelastography
Photo of Alex Partin
Alex Partin
Doctoral Program in Electrical & Computer Engineering Sonoelastography
Photo of Michael Richards
Michael Richards, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Electrical & Computer Engineering Elastic behavior, both linear and non-linear, of atherosclerotic plaques using an intravascular ultrasound imaging system and elastographic based image processing algorithms
Photo of Himanshu Shekhar
Himanshu Shekhar
Doctoral Program in Electrical & Computer Engineering Subharmonic Imaging
Photo of Prashant Verma
Prashant Verma
Doctoral Program in Electrical & Computer Engineering Poroelasticity imaging

Recent Graduate Students

  1. Photo of Michael Sealander

    August 2013

    Michael Sealander, Ph.D.

    Enhanced Biomedical Ultrasound Detection of Spatially Spread Pathologies

  2. Photo of Kelley Garvin

    December 2012

    Kelley Garvin, Ph.D.

    Ultrasound Technologies for the Spatial Patterning of Cells and Extracellular Matrix Proteins and the Vascularization of Engineered Tissue

  3. Photo of Carlos Sevilla

    December 2012

    Carlos Sevilla, Ph.D.

    The Role of Extracellular Matrix Fibronectin and Collagen in Cell Proliferation and Cellular Self-Assembly

  4. Photo of Wei Jiang

    March 2011

    Wei Jiang, Ph.D.

    Ultrasound Focusing by Use of Apertures with Different Pitches and Ultrasound Imaging by Use of a Hemispheric Transducer Array

  5. Photo of Liwei An

    October 2010

    Liwei An, Ph.D.

    KLA-Tencor Corporation in San Jose California

    Analysis of Crawling Waves and Estimation of tissue Elasticity

  6. Photo of Manoj Menon

    July 2010

    Manoj Menon, Ph.D.

    Senior Systems Engineer, Siemens Medical Solutions, Ultrasound Division, Issaquah, Washington

    Resolution Estimation and Bias Reduction in Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging

  7. Photo of Jiang Jin

    May 2010

    Jiang Jin, Ph.D.

    Image Reconstruction Based on Estimated Scattering Object Characteristics

  8. Photo of Shayin Jing

    May 2010

    Shayin Jing, Ph.D.

    Internship, Kona Medical, Inc.

  9. Photo of Benjamin Castaneda

    May 2009

    Benjamin Castaneda, Ph.D.

    Extracting Information from Sonoelastograhic Images

  10. Photo of David Duncan

    May 2009

    David Duncan, Ph.D.

    The Use of Focused Beams with Unique Biomedical Ultrasonic Imaging Systems

  11. Photo of Jarrod Orzulak

    May 2008

    Jarrod Orzulak, M.S.

    MIT AgeLab

    Shear Wave Formation and Tracking for Detection of Liver Fibrosis

  12. Photo of Man Zhang

    May 2008

    Man Zhang, Ph.D.

    The measurement and imaging of viscoelastic properties of soft tissues and lesions