Background on eRecord

eRecord is the name of the integrated health record (EHR) introduced at Strong Memorial and Highland Hospitals in 2011. The new system integrates both hospitals’ inpatient areas, emergency departments, and outpatient oncology areas. In May 2012 all ambulatory practices began using eRecord as well.

Physicians Talking

The project’s keystone is a single, shared acute care EHR that brings all patient information together in one location including lab results and images; ED, consult and inpatient progress notes; medication lists; and discharge summary and instructions. This project is dramatically changing and improving the way we work at both hospitals by standardizing our workflows, and boosting our efficiency by eliminating redundancies in testing, data gathering, and transcribing. A patient portal, MyChart, was launched for oncology patients in 2011, and was followed by a full roll-out for other ambulatory patients in 2012.

All physician and nursing documentation, order entry/results reporting, pharmacy, and medication administration (with Bar Code administration) are done electronically in the new eRecord system. Access to radiology images also is available from within the patient’s electronic chart (no additional login needed).

Community providers can tap into eRecord, selecting a level of access that best suits the way they interact with the patient chart at the hospital. Full access to the eRecord system is open to those who write orders, prescriptions, or contribute to the inpatient chart in other ways. A view-only version of eRecord, called ePartner, provides full access to the patient chart (i.e., lab results, discharge notes, etc.), but will not allow contributions to the chart in any way. Providers will select which level of access works best for them.