eRecord (Full Access)

  • eRecord is now operational at both Strong Memorial and Highland hospitals.
  • eRecord is best-suited for those providers who contribute to the chart in any manner. Placing orders, writing progress notes, or even jotting an occasional memo to the care team when checking in on a patient all require that a provider have full eRecord access.
  • You’ll work with a paperless chart and do all documentation electronically.
  • One single sign-on will retrieve most inpatient information (radiology images will be available from within the patient’s electronic chart; no additional login needed).
  • Full-functioning CPOE (Computerized Provider Order Entry).
  • Secure, convenient access to complete patient information from the hospital, your office, or home.
  • Requires between 6-11 hours of online and classroom training.
  • We’ve tripled the number of computers at both hospitals to ensure computers are available during peak staffing times. You also can view labs or patient records directly from your office/home via our secure remote connection.
  • View FAQs for more information on eRecord .

eRecord Training

Classroom training is required before using eRecord. Call 276-8015 to schedule your class now, or read more about our training.