Training Overview

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What's My Training Requirement?

Your level of training depends on which level of access you select to use: eRecord, or its view-only counterpart, ePartner. Regardless of which training track you choose, you will need to show proof of competency throughout the course of the training. eRecord system logins only will be activated once all training and assessments have successfully been completed. Classroom training qualifies for CMEs.

Training for eRecord

eRecord logoWhile we will offer two provider training tracks, we believe most community physicians will opt for the Focused Track, a streamlined training session designed for providers whose interaction with the chart is primarily documentation (i.e., consults, progress notes, etc.). The course will focus on chart review, documentation and orders, with a general overview of all eRecord functionality. Training is a combination of classroom and online sessions. An emphasis on online coursework is a key component of the Focused Track, so providers who select this training option should be comfortable learning from online tutorials and not need personal interaction to digest information. The Focused Track will take approximately 6.5 hours to complete.

For those providers who desire a more detailed overview of eRecord, a Comprehensive Track is available. Designed for providers who are responsible for direct inpatient care, the focus of this track is admissions, orders, chart review, medication-reconciliation, sign-out, transfers, discharge, etc. Training occurs predominantly in the classroom with supplemental online coursework; the classroom instruction gives ample time for a hands-on review of the system and opportunities for Q&As with instructors. The estimated time to complete the Comprehensive Track is 11.5 hours.

ePartner TrainingePartner logo

Because ePartner is essentially presenting you views into a patient chart, training is minimal: A 20-minute online training course. ePartner training is now available through sign up; practices will be contacted when it's time to begin training.

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How/When Do I Sign Up?

Please call our eRecord Scheduling Concierge Service at (585) 276-8015. We will help you select which training track works best for you, and schedule you into the next available classes. Providers for ePartner training, call Melissa Shaw at (585) 506-4652 or email the ePartner group at

For ePartner training, you'll simply log in (with your URMC login and password) to the eRecord Training Center to begin once all necessary paperwork has been completed with you/your office.

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Staff Training

Staff who need to view information in your patients’ records will be given access through ePartner. Training for ePartner will be done online and is expected to take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Staff will need a URMC login and password to access ePartner training (most staff working in community providers’ offices will most likely need to obtain a URMC login).

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