Provider Outreach Program

Our Provider Outreach Program was established to facilitate ease of interaction with the URMC enterprise. The mission of this program is to foster positive, open, and helpful relationships among medical staff and URMC providers. Our team serves as a centralized point of contact and are available to offer information and assistance as well as address questions, concerns, or issues.

Report access issues

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the URMC system, please contact our team. We are dedicated to breaking down referral barriers and making the process easy for patients and providers alike.

News and Resources

Download our Referring Provider Access Guide

Engage with a URMC specialist

Contact our team if you would like information regarding the many providers and services at URMC.  We can arrange for provider-to-provider visits as well as supply you with tools to make the referral process easier.  If you do not see a liaison listed for the specialty you are interested in, please contact either of our Outreach Coordinators.

Physician Liaisons by Department
Carrie Cardot Orthopaedics (585) 362-7676 Email
Rose Gilbert Neurosurgery (585) 455-5685 Email
Korin Doehler Golisano Children's Hospital (585) 489-9395 Email
Kara Halstead Highland Hospital (585) 341-6717 Email
Kerry Kehoe Surgery (585) 208-4703 Email
Kathy Simmons Imaging Sciences (585) 478-3832 Email
For a department not listed above, please contact one of our Outreach Coordinators below:
Provider Outreach Coordinators
Korin Doehler (585) 489-9395 Email
Arianna Joseph-Parris (585) 507-5480 Email