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Fast-growing Neuroendocrine Program Introduces
Minimally Invasive Surgeries

URMC endocrinologists and neurosurgeons are collaborating to streamline care for people with pituitary and hypothalamic disorders, including the introduction of endoscopic surgeries. Read more about this program »

Specialty Services Offer Solutions for Male Infertility

While infertility treatment is often focused on women, male infertility may be a contributing factor for half of the four million infertile couples in the U.S. Physicians at URMC’s Strong Fertility Center and Department of Urology collaborate to identify and address male infertility problems, resulting in improved pregnancy rates. Learn more about male infertility »

Cooling Therapy Benefits Cardiac Arrest Patients at Risk for Brain Injury

Wendy Schneider is living proof of the value of cooling technology used after cardiac arrest to decrease or eliminate brain damage. After suffering chest pain and eventually passing out, the 44-year-old’s heart stopped while she was en route to a community hospital. Read more about cooling therapy »

Study Evaluates Tools to Encourage a Healthy Pregnancy  

URMC and Cornell University have launched a large-scale study to test electronic media-based strategies designed to promote healthy behavior for pregnant and postpartum women. Learn more about this study »

URMC Hospitals Aim for ‘Safe Transitions’

An initiative aimed at reducing hospital readmissions will foster improved communication among care teams, patients and primary care physicians. Launched in January on all adult medical and surgical units, “Safe Transitions” relies on follow-up phone calls and appointments to help patients avoid readmissions. Read more about the "Safe Transitions" initiative »

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