One Electronic Chart Spans Entire URMC Network

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The next phase of URMC’s transition to one true integrated electronic health record (EHR) system for its inpatient and outpatient settings is complete. In May, 162 clinics joined Strong Memorial and Highland hospitals in using eRecord, URMC’s EHR, so that a patient’s medical chart is shared – and easily accessible to all health care providers – regardless if the patient is cared for in an URMC outpatient clinic, or in Strong or Highland hospital’s ED or inpatient units.

Significant patient safety and quality-of-care gains, and streamlined operations have been made in the short time since the transition to eRecord occurred at Strong and Highland. For example, the number of lab tests ordered has decreased on average by 10 percent, indicating more efficient ordering practices. And turn-around times on commonly ordered tests have decreased by nearly 20 percent, a reflection of near-complete automation from specimen collection to results delivery.

Bar-code scanning also has proved a boon to patient safety, with Strong and Highland nurses posting some of the highest compliance rates in scanning both patients and medications (roughly 90 percent). Research shows that bar-code scanning helps decrease medication administration errors and adverse events.

URMC’s outpatient clinics should experience efficiencies too, with one shared inpatient/outpatient chart easily gathering information including patients’ test results, inpatient stays and consult notes.

The system also includes a patient portal, MyChart, from which patients can view portions of their URMC electronic record, including their medications, immunizations, allergies and most lab results – anytime, anywhere using a computer or smartphone. In addition, MyChart provides patients with a confidential way to communicate with their health care team, request prescription renewals, and view past and upcoming appointments.

Outside of the Medical Center, roughly 1,400 clinicians in more than 200 practices are actively using ePartner, the view-only version of eRecord that provides access to information on patients’ URMC hospital stays, as well as access to their URMC tests and image results. ePartner is scoring high marks for its ease of use and robust functionality including electronic notification when a patients has an ED visit at Strong or Highland hospitals and immediate views to lab and radiology results.

Next on the horizon: offering the outpatient eRecord system to community practices. URMC is partnering with four community practices to pilot the system beginning in fall 2012, with the intention of expanding to other community practices beginning the first quarter of 2013.

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