• Biomechanics


    Mechanics of biological systems and living organisms. Studied on multiple levels, from nano-scale molecular interactions between proteins all the way up to whole body (organism) dynamics.

    Active Research Laboratories

    • Holt Lab Synaptic Pharmacology of the Vestibular Apparatus
    • Nam Lab Mechano-Biology of the Inner Ear Sensory System
    • Patricia White Lab Regeneration After Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  • Biomedical Acoustics

    Biomedical Acoustics

    The interaction of sound energy with the body has many important roles and applications. topics include biomedical acoustics fields, ultrasound imaging, interactions of ultrasound energy and tissue, ultrasound-based therapies, and studies of hearing.

    Active Research Laboratories

  • Cell Signaling & Communications

    Cell Signaling & Communications

    Processes and mechanisms underlying intracellular messaging, excitable membranes, and synaptic and non-synaptic transmission of neural information.

    Active Research Laboratories

    • Holt Lab Synaptic Pharmacology of the Vestibular Apparatus
    • Kiernan Lab Sensory Development and Disease
  • Learning, Memory, & Adaptive Plasticity

    Learning, Memory, & Adaptive Plasticity

    Processes and mechanisms underlying how early and adult experience modifies behavior and its underlying neural processes.

    Active Research Laboratories

  • Neurobiology of Disease

    Neurobiology of Disease

    Fundamental pathologic, translational, and clinical processes and genetic predispositions that afflict the nervous system.

    Active Research Laboratories

  • Neurodevelopment & Aging

    Neurodevelopment & Aging

    Neural development and aging, including neurogenesis, differentiation, cell death, synaptic specification, and changes in neural organization and function that accompany senescence.

    Active Research Laboratories

    • Aslin Lab Rochester Baby Lab
    • Gan Lab Developing Therapies for Blindness and Deafness via Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Replacement
    • Kiernan Lab Sensory Development and Disease
    • Paige Lab Spatial Orientation Research
  • Neuroengineering


    The combination of quantitative method, the physical sciences, and the biological sciences has provided remarkable contributions to our understanding of biomedical phenomena, including pathologic processes.

    Active Research Laboratories

  • Sensory, Motor, & Integrative Systems Neuroscience

    Sensory, Motor, & Integrative Systems Neuroscience

    Sensory transduction, central processing and integration of sensory input across modalities, and the neural control of motor output and behavior.

    Active Research Laboratories