Research Cores

The Center allows investigators to efficiently share costly, time-consuming, essential but cumbersome, and in many cases innovative research services.

Human Subjects Core
Consolidates and coordinates the recruitment, screening, and scheduling of subjects across relevant projects within the Center.
Research Services Core
Includes a Histology & Imaging Unit and an Electronic and Mechanical Shop.
Technology & Computation Core
Includes a Lab Technology Unit and a Complementary Computation Unit.

Each of three cores is designed to maximize utility among the largest proportion of the CNCS faculty, and to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of our individual and collaborative research programs.

The Center also supports a seminar series of visiting scientists related to its research mission. The combination of Core support and Center activities catalyzes new interactions and collaborations, both technologic and scientific, directly resulting from its missions. The CNCS exploits our inherently collegiate environment, enriches our research productivity, promotes collaborations among investigators, and attracts new faculty and students to the Center's areas of interest.