Human Subjects Core

A variety of research projects within the CNCS employ human subjects. The HSC provides several key services designed to consolidate functions and stimulate interactions:

A human subject is tested

Recruitment & Screening

The HSC coordinates recruitment and screening of human subjects across research projects. This includes recruitment and sensorimotor/neurologic/cognitive screening relevant to the populations targeted by Core studies. Populations now under study include normal subjects across a broad range of ages, adults across ages and subjects with unilateral and bilateral hearing or vestibular loss.

Team members discuss a project

Scheduling & Tracking

The HSC coordinates scheduling and tracking across projects in order to maximize efficiency and convenience for subjects, investigators and staff. Further, the use of common subjects across studies supply novel observations that enhance productivity and stimulates new collaborative research.

Database Storage

Information Services

The HSC implements and maintains a powerful database to provide protected access to data and analytic tools for investigators and staff. This central service promotes new studies while making existing ones more efficient.

Project Records

Protocols & Credentials

The HSC coordinates protocol approvals, staff credentialing, and record keeping required of all human studies.

The aforementioned services and tasks are made efficient by a centralized structure orchestrated by a trained Coordinator. The benefits of service unload time and effort for faculty and staff to pursue more directly relevant research goals, and simultaneously catalyze novel and collaborative studies.