Technology & Computation Core

The TCC includes an innovative Lab Technology Unit that is implementing a new automated lab control system across CNCS laboratories, and a complementary Computation Unit that maintains personal computing functions, networking, and communications between labs, investigators, and staff.

LabView software in action

Lab Technology Unit

The Unit develops and implements hardware/software solutions for stimulus & behavioral control, data acquisition, and data analysis across the Center. A modular, embedded PC-based architecture includes a standardized set of real-time tools interfaced to specific devices within each lab. The overall scheme ensures flexibility and modularity for efficiency, while maintaining the specificity required by individual research goals.

Rack mounted hardware

Computation Unit

The Unit provides common guidelines for hardware and software solutions across the Center, in concert with the Medical Center's extensive network services (centralized storage and backup, firewalls, intranet services, scheduling, and web support). Our labs are highly automated. PCs have in large part supplanted analog hardware in our racks and are ubiquitous on desktops. Communications between labs and research personnel are essential. All are in routine need of hardware and software implementation, maintenance, training and support. The Computation Unit fulfills these needs in order to benefit our research productivity and efficiency.

The TCC's goal is to instrument and maintain a set of labs that share key attributes that will in turn allow researchers at any level to rapidly equilibrate to other labs despite different research goals or systems under study. Together with a web site/newsletter/scheduling system, an updated software library, and support, the environment established across the Center will seamlessly catalyze new interactions and collaborations.