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Recruitment Marketing

Marketing and promoting research studies are a way to find research volunteers. This Marketing Tool Kit contains examples of television and radio spots, sample ads for newspapers, flyers etc that can assist investigators in their recruitment efforts. These examples are URMC approved marketing media that can be used to market an IRB approved study. Consultation Services are available to assist with marketing strategies. For more information about advertising your study or about available consultation services contact the Research Navigator Program Help Desk.

Printed Materials

The following advertising samples include a brochure about participating in health research studies, flyers, and small ads for newsletters or newspapers. These examples include ads with URMC branding, and are the result of CTSI funded marketing efforts.

Sample of Health Research Brochure

Sample of Health Research Flyer with tear-offs

Sample of Latino Print Ad

Sample of Caucasian Print Ad

Sample of African American Print Ad

Sample of Small Print Ad

Sample ad for migraine study

Sample Make a difference print ad for students

Radio and Television Ads

These media ads were developed as part of a campaign to increase community awareness about the importance of participating in health research studies.

Health Research Radio Spot - African American (30 sec)

Health Research Radio Spot - Latino (30 sec)

Health Research TV Ad - African American v1 (15 sec)

Health Research TV Ad - African American v2 (15 sec)

Health Research TV Ad - African American (30 sec)

Health Research TV Ad - Latino (15 sec)

Health Research TV Ad - Latino (30 sec)

Health Research TV Ad - Spanish (15 sec)

Health Research TV Ad - Spanish (30 sec)

Time Warner TV Ad Information

Time Warner TV Ad

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