Drug Development Delivery Pilot Award Program


To support projects in drug development research that result in technology development, extramural funding, and commercialization.

Duration and Commitment

URSMD will commit $125,000 per year to the program for an additional 2 years, with matching funds from the Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research (Moulder Center) to be provided in the form of drug development services. The program will run from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2016 with a review of outcomes at that time. This review will include an analysis of new grant awards attributable to the pilot award program, as well as resulting publications, intellectual property and licensing agreements.

Award Types

Early Exploratory Studies

  • Objective: To support initial studies directed to a particular target, including: the development and performance of an initial high-throughput screen (HTS) against an identified target or cell based activity with clinical relevance, or other highly focused studies in accordance with the overarching purposes of the award program.
  • Resources: Generally expected (but not absolutely required) to use resources at URSMD (only), including Alan Smrcka's HTS cost-center and other cores/cost centers as appropriate
  • Budget: $4-8,000. Budget expected to support studies conducted at URSMD only

Lead Finding Studies

  • Objective: To support more advanced studies, including: early phase medicinal chemistry; initial structure-activity-relationship (SAR) analysis of early chemical hits; target/compound validation; ADME and pharmacokinetic (PK) studies of candidate molecules in preparation for animal studies
  • Resources: Generally expected (but not absolutely required) to use resources of the Moulder Center, in combination with studies at UR.
  • Budget: Up to $25,000. Budget will be used to support studies at URSMD only (Moulder support will be provided at no-cost, based on project needs and recommendations of Moulder Center leadership)

Restrictions: (1) URSMD faculty only (including non-tenure-track); (2) No faculty salary support permitted

Review Criteria: Highest priority will be given to those projects that generate enabling preliminary data that are expected to lead to follow on extramural research funding (NIH, SBIR, R21 or R01) or significant external investment in the technology by industry and/or credible investors.

Submission Requirements

All potential applicants are required to have a preliminary discussion of their planned proposal with the URSMD Drug Discovery Steering Committee. To that end, please submit a short preliminary abstract/paragraph to the URSMD Drug Discovery Steering Committee so that the committee can help guide your planned submission. The committee consists of:

Format for Proposal Submission

Font should be no smaller than an 11-point font. The information to be provided includes:

  1. Face Page: Giving the project title, type, budget and lead PI (this must also indicate the status of any necessary UCAR or RSRB approvals).
  2. Specific Aims and Background: 1 page limit.
  3. Research Plan and Methods: Please note that the structures of "hit" compounds and any screening-derived SAR must be included in order to be considered for funding via the "lead-finding" mechanism. 1 page limit.
  4. Follow on Plan: A one-page outline of specific aims for the planned extramural grant application that will be developed from the pilot award (or a one-page outline of how the pilot award will secure new external investment in development of the technology)
  5. Bibliography: 1 page limit.
  6. Budget and Budget Justification: 1 page limit.
  7. NIH Biosketch for the PI and for co-investigators (optional: please use the 2-page format).

Submission and Award Deadlines

Proposals must be submitted electronically by email to:

Omar Bakht
UR Ventures
(585) 276-6600

Submission Deadline

  • June 30, 2014 (for award on August 1, 2014)