Data Management, Informatics and Computational Biology Capabilities

  • Develop and implement the data management system (RPRC-BLIS) for collection, storage and data integration of clinical, specimen inventory and laboratory data and files.
  • Develop study data management monitoring plans which includes the implementation of study-specific reports to monitor, enrollment, data completeness and quality, laboratory data workflows and timelines.
  • Consult with investigators to provide statistical support in study/experimental design of research projects
    • Includes: advises on appropriate experimental design, sample size for clinical studies and laboratory experiments, inclusion/exclusion criteria, definition of exposure and outcome variables, determination of randomization/stratification schemes and review of data collection forms.
  • Perform data monitoring in accordance with the approved Data and Safety Monitoring Plan and interim statistical analysis, if appropriate.
  • Prepare data analysis plan and perform analysis of completed studies, including statistical analysis, report writing and development of graphical displays for publication and presentations.
  • Consult with investigators to provide informatics support for high-throughput transcription, metabolomics and flow cytometry data analysis. May include:
    • High-throughput data processing including data normalization
    • High-throughput data analysis and integration (including integration with other external bioinformatics databases)
    • Bioinformatics data annotation and interpretation
    • Utilization of high-performance HPC resources in collaboration with CIRC staff.
    • Apply systems biology approach to integrated exploratory data analysis of high-dimensional, complex data.
  • Work with investigators to develop novel analysis methods and tools for data processing and/or analysis.
  • Create plan for provision/release of de-identified RPRC Data to DMID-designated public data repositories.
  • Work with University’s Office of Research and Program Administration, University IT, and Academic IT to meet FISMA requirements for RPRC-BLIS data management system.
  • Participate as protocol team members and attend protocol-specific meetings.
  • Provide reporting per contract and project requirements.