Luminex xMAP® Technology

Luminex Xmap Multiplexed microbead array technology: Researchers interested in taking advantage of new technologies to analyze smaller sample volumes for multiple analytes simultaneously have access to the technology in the RHIC core lab. The Luminex microbead array system is applicable for a variety of small molecule or biomolecules including nucleic acid, protein and carbohydrate. The RHIC lab sponsors demonstrations and assists investigators in using Luminex microarray bead technology. The RHIC maintains a Luminex 200 core service with a BioRad BioPlex instrument. The BioRad BioPlex offers users both user-friendly software and calibration/validation and quality control options suitable for clinical study and research use. To assist investigators with this new technology, RHIC provides seminars and hands on training for multiplex bead technology.

To use the Luminex service, you need to register and be trained. Please fill out the new user form to register and contact Shelley Secor-Socha to be trained. Once this is done, you will have access to the instrument calendar to sign up for use. Currently, there is no fee for use of the Luminex.

For further information, please contact Shelley Secor-Socha at or by phone at x3-4473.