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Patient Care: The Pain Frontier

Chronic pain is a quiet epidemic that has yet to grab the national attention it deserves.  However, that’s not the case at our Neuromedicine Pain Management Center, which is being lauded for its pioneering work.

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Alumni: Sound Medicine

As a University of Rochester student, Philip Gruppuso (MD ’77) found a way to merge medical school with music.  Now, he says, liberal arts are even more critical to preparing the next generation of doctors.

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Alumni News: Answers on Ice

Last November, when Warren M. Zapol (M '66) appeared as a witness before a U.S. House Congressional Science committee hearing on the country's Antarctic Research Program, he didn't wait for lawmakers to pose the first question. "Why is an anesthesiologist talking to you about research in Antarctica?" Zapol began his testimony.

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New Leaders for New Times, Part 2

Biostatistician Robert L. Strawderman III, Sc.D., is about to get his hands dirty. Harvard-trained, the former Cornell University scholar is no longer spending his days theorizing about study design and analysis. As the new chair of URMC's Biostatistics and Computational Biology department, Strawderman is also putting his visionary ideas to work. His shift in focus coincides with a revolutionary change in biostatistics: the emergence of big data.

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New Leaders For New Times, Part 1

On a clear day, the view from the top floor of the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center stretches well beyond the City of Rochester, and that is where Director Jonathan W. Friedberg, M.D., M.M. Sc. & co-director Hartmut K. Land,Ph.D. are extending their vision as well. We feel a responsibility to advance the quality of cancer care, not just at Strong Memorial Hospital, but throughout the region. "We feel we are the best equipped and most appropriate cancer center to do that," says Friedberg.

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