Dean's Office Regulations of the Faculty

The new Regulations of the Faculty were approved in January, 2001, and, since that time, a large number of faculty have been appointed, reappointed or promoted in one or another of the new options or tracks. Since 2002 when the last revision was made to the Regulations, it became clear that some changes were warranted based, in part, on the experience of the Steering Committee. The most significant change, the creation of the Teacher-Institutional Scholar option, has been made and has been reviewed and approved by the Steering Committee, the MEDSAC, the Medical Faculty Council, the Dean, the University Committee on Tenure and Privileges, the Senior Vice President, the Provost and President of the University, and the Trustees. In the attached, revised (October 2009) copy of the Regulations, new sentences or paragraphs can be found in the following sections:


  • Tenure Appointments, page 7

Academic Appointments and Promotions: Overview

  • Associate Professor: Teacher-Institutional Scholar, page 13
  • Professor: Teacher-Institutional Scholar, page 16


  • Page 26


  • Summary of Time In-Rank Guidelines and Criteria for Promotion, page 32
  • Promotion Criteria, Associate Professor to Professor: All Options, pages 33-40

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