Committee Membership

Committee Members

Dewhurst, Steve, Vice Dean for Research (Committee Chair)
Bennett, Nana, Director, Center for Community Health
Bohmann, Dirk, Professor of Biomedical Genetics
Dozier, Ann, Chief, Division of Social and Behavioral Medicine, Public Health Sciences
Gasiewicz, Tom, Chair, Environmental Medicine
Halterman, Jill, Associate Chair, Clinical Research, Pediatrics
Land, Hucky, Scientific Director, J.P. Wilmot Cancer Center
Maquat, Lynne, Director, Center for RNA Biology
Moxley, Dick, Professor of Neurology and of Pediatrics
Schwarz, Eddie, Director, Center for Musculoskeletal Research
Sime, Tricia, Associate Chair for Research, Department of Medicine
Strawderman, Rob, Chair, Biostatistics & Computational Biology
Tank, Bill, Chair, Pharmacology & Physiology
Topham, Dave, Director, Respiratory Pathogens Research Center; Executive Director, HSCCI

Representatives from Other Schools


Eliav, Eli, Director, Eastman Institute of Oral Health (Rob Quivey is presently serving in this role)
Kitzman, Harriet, Senior Asssociate Dean, Research, School of Nursing

Ex Officio Members

Kieburtz, Karl, Senior Associate Dean, Clinical Research; Director, Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute
Lord, Edith, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs
O’Keefe, Regis, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Puzas, Ed, Senior Associate Dean, Basic Research

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