Outpatient Adult Psychiatry

Social Workers function as primary therapists completing comprehensive diagnostic assessments and treatment planning, and outpatient psychotherapy for patients requesting help with depression anxiety, personality disorders and other mental health disorders. They serve a wide range of patients, and utilize a variety of psychosocial interventions, including cognitive-behavioral treatment, interpersonal psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and brief psychodynamic psychotherapy. They primarily provide treatment to individuals and groups. They work in collaboration with medication providers who use the most sophisticated and advanced psychopharmacological treatments as well as time-honored psychotherapeutic ones.

Our Clinics

  • Adult Ambulatory Clinic
  • Deaf Wellness Center
  • Family and Marriage
  • Child and Adolescent Clinic
  • Older Adults Clinic
  • Lazos Fuertes
  • Court Clinic

Our Social Workers

Social Worker Phone Number
Kevin Coffey LCSW, CGP (585) 275-7096

Natalie McLaren

LMSW (585) 275-7850
Melissa Sydor LCSW (585) 273-2157
Linda Harrison LMSW (585) 275-3379
Jane Fisher LCSW (585) 275-2844
Bill Jarvie LCSW (585) 275-3520
Erin Weingart LCSW (585) 273-2261
Kate DiGregorio LMSW (585) 279-7837
Lori Teller-McDonald LMSW (585) 276-5738
Diana Lerner LMSW (585) 276-4381
Leticia Ruiz LMSW (585) 273-2177
Laurel Seifert LCSW (585) 279-7832
Nichole Bondi LMSW (585) 276-5781
Leanne Nelson LMSW (585) 279-7883
Sharon Haynes LMSW (585) 273-4588 TTY
Allen Nersinger LMSW (585) 279-7847
Christine Brent LCSW (585) 279-7824
Danielle Montrond   (585) 275-0224

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