Symptoms of Stuttering

Symptoms of a stuttering problem may include:

  • Repetition of:
    • Sounds (“c-c-candy”)
    • One syllable words (“I-I want more.")
    • Entire words with more than one syllable (“Swimming-swimming is fun.”)
    • Phrases (“I want-I want to see that”)
  • Pauses:
    • Using word interruptions (“What am I – um – supposed to do?”)
    • Within words (“I am try [pause] ing.”)
    • With lips pursed, but without saying words
  • Drawn-out words (“The water looks greeeeeeeen.”)
  • Substitution of simple words to avoid saying difficult ones (such as saying “tin foil” instead of “aluminum foil”)
  • Use of incomplete phrases ("I want ... go ... store")
  • Abrupt changes of words or thoughts (“I went to – where did you get that?”)
  • Feeling embarrassed, anxious, and fearful about speaking
  • Obvious signs of tension or discomfort while speaking
  • Accompanying behaviors, such as
    • Blinking
    • Facial ticks
    • Lip tremors
    • Muscle tension in the mouth, jaw, or neck
    • Unusual body movements

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