Treatment of Stuttering

Although there is no cure for stuttering, early intervention may keep stuttering from becoming a lifelong problem. A speech-language pathologist can evaluate the stuttering pattern and recommend therapy that can help a person learn to speak more easily and overcome psychological barriers, such as fear of speaking in public.

Treatment approaches include:

  • Fluency Shaping Therapy - Reprogramming the speech musculature (system of muscles) to produce fluent speech by coordinating respiration, phonation, and articulation.
  • Stuttering Modification - Modifying moments of stuttering with a strong emphasis on communicative attitudes and emotions.
  • Combined Approaches - Aspects of both treatment approaches (fluency shaping and stuttering modification) are combined.

How to Help a Child Who Stutters

  • Provide an atmosphere at home that’s relaxed and allows ample opportunity for your child to speak.
  • Establish a family rule that everyone has to take turns and waits until one person finishes speaking before another begins. This will reduce pressure on a child to talk fast in order to be heard.
  • Listen attentively and encourage your child to talk to you about fun and easy topics.
  • Don’t interrupt when your child is speaking, even if he or she is having trouble or making mistakes.
  • Rather than trying to slow your child's speech, slow your own and be a good role model. Asking your child to slow down may only cause frustration.
  • Refrain from asking open-ended questions.
  • Wait for your child to get the words out rather than getting impatient and saying them yourself.
  • Don’t have your child practice certain sounds or words. This can make a child feel uncomfortable about his or her speech.
  • Avoid asking the child to speak for others.
  • Talk openly about stuttering if your child brings it up.
  • Discourage other adults from correcting your child's speech.
  • Don’t discuss the speech problem with others in front of your child.

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