Types of Stuttering

There are several types of stuttering, including:

  • Developmental Stuttering - This is the most common form of stuttering. It occurs in children as they develop their speech and language capabilities when the need to express themselves is greater than their verbal ability. This type of stuttering is usually outgrown. However, approximately 20% of children will not outgrow stuttering and will benefit from early intervention.
  • Neurogenic Stuttering - This common type of stuttering occurs when the brain is unable to coordinate all of the different components of the speech mechanism, including the nerves and muscles. Neurogenic stuttering may also occur following a stroke or brain injury.
  • Psychogenic Stuttering - Believed to originate in the region of the brain that directs thought and reasoning, this rare type of stuttering may affect people with mental illness or those who experience extreme psychological stress or anguish.

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