Telehealth Equipment and How It's Used

Expert interpreting services at the touch of a switch

Strong Connections uses the highest quality technology to ensure the most accurate medical interpreting. Our service is available 24 hours, seven days a week, ready to connect deaf patients, deaf family members, and medical staff with our certified, medically experienced sign language interpreters.

Teleconferencing equipment – a small computer device, camera, microphone, and television monitor – is installed at your facility. We "send" our medical interpreters into your hospital emergency department or physician office by connecting your facility to our Rochester hub via 3 ISDN lines. This high bandwidth telehealth connection (384 kbs) ensures clear transmission of rapid sign language and audio information in both directions. Translations occur between your physicians and patients…as effectively as if the interpreters were in the same room.


What you need to get started using Strong Connections:

  1. A video conference system that complies with the following (e.g., Polycom SP384):
    • ITU H. 320 standard video conference system;
    • ITU G. 728 audio algorithm standard;
    • ITU H. 621 video coding;
    • ITU H. 221 framing and multiplexing;
    • ITU H. 281 far end camera control;
    • 30 frames per second feature/option installed;
    • VISCA video camera interface;
    • Integrated dynamic echo cancellation;
  2. A compatible video monitor, mounted to OSHA standards (suggested size – 17" or larger)
  3. 3 ISDN line service to the location(s) of your choice*

You can use your own equipment or we’ll arrange a complete installation and equipment purchase or lease plan for you. Please contact Strong Connections for details.

Improve communication and patient care today!

For pricing or to learn how Strong Connections Telehealth Sign Language Solutions will enhance patient care and foster compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, please call (585) 275-9200 or email us at:

*NOTE: Strong Connections requires the installation of 3 ISDN line service to the location(s) of your choice. Three ISDN lines yield a 384 kbs data transfer rate, which is essential for clear transmission of sign language. ISDN service is available in most regions of the country through your local telephone service provider.

We would be happy to consult with you regarding optimal placement of the installation(s) in your facility.

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