Department of Surgery

Fourth Year Surgery Sub-Internship

The fourth year sub-internship rotation in surgery is an opportunity for medical students to function as an integral member of the surgery team with responsibilities commensurate with a surgical intern. Sub-interns are expected to participate in patient rounds, out-patients clinics, daily operations and other surgical procedures. They have primary responsibility of patients, with appropriate resident and staff supervision. Faculty preceptors within the specialty are assigned to each sub-intern to enhance the educational experience and oversee the rotation. The designated faculty preceptor is responsible for the student's final grade. Sub-interns are expected to participate in all teaching conferences and Grand Rounds while on the surgical service.

Surgery sub-internship credit can be obtained by rotating on an inpatient general surgical or surgical subspecialty service.

Overall Goals and Objectives

The month long intensive surgical immersion in one of the surgical services provides the student with an opportunity to function as an integral part of the surgical team as an advanced surgical clerk. At the completion of the rotation, the sub-intern is expected to be able to:

  1. Organize data (laboratory, radiologic & pathologic) in a concise and coherent manner.
  2. Perform an efficient and thorough history and physical examination.
  3. Define and initiate an appropriate care plan, based on the findings of the history and physical exam.
  4. Display comfort with the preparation of a patient for surgery and the routine management of post-operative care.
  5. Perform (under direct supervision) suturing of incisions, suture and drain removal, abscess drainage and dressing changes.

Competency based evaluations will offer an excellent basis on which to assess the medical student's progress.

All sub-internship rotations require registration through the registrar's office. Rotations on the general surgery and subspecialty services are scheduled through the Office of Surgical Education.

Student Programs

For further information, please contact Office of Surgical Education, Student Program, at (585) 273-1712.