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Physician Services

We are committed to providing our referring physicians the best service that is available. We have a commitment to continuous improvement of our access and communication. The following services were designed specifically to improve your access to our surgeons and their offices.

Physician Liaison Services

Our physician liaison services are intended to provide you with a direct link for all communications regarding our surgical services. Physician Liaison Kerry Kehoe (link) has a goal of fostering relationships and open communications between our referring physicians and our team. Kerry is available to meet with you and your practice; to arrange for meetings between you and our surgical team, and to assist you in resolving issues or finding information on our services.

Specific physician liaison responsibilities include:

  • Meeting Physicians around the region to keep them up-to-date on:
    • New faculty
    • Clinical services, including the availability of new services, clinics, and technology
    • Equipment available within our system
    • Practice support initiatives
  • Identifying your needs and gathering feedback to help us plan and evaluate our services and programs
  • Serving as personal contacts for you to address issues that require our attention
  • Arranging speaking engagements and meetings between our physicians, administrators, and you
  • Assisting in the development of CME and staff education programs

Contact Kerry by one of the following means:
(585) 275-1486 (office) | (585) 208-4703 (mobile) |

Meet Kerry Kehoe

Kerry Kehoe has been on the staff of the University of Rochester for over 10 years. Kerry began her career working in the Department of Primary Care Practice Administration, where she became very familiar with the needs of primary care physicians and office staff. Kerry then worked as Operations Administrator for the Department of Surgery where she worked closely with all divisions of surgery managing the day to day running of operational services. Prior to becoming a Physician Liaison, Kerry was the Practice Administrator for the Division of Trauma, Burn and Emergency Surgery.

As a physician liaison, Kerry’s unique experience in working in both primary care and in surgery help her foster communications between referring physicians and specialists. She understands the importance of access, service and outstanding patient care for referring physicians.

Kerry is a graduate of Ithaca College with a BS in Health Care Administration and the University of Rochester with a MS in Health System Leadership.

Urgent Care Physician Referral Line

Many times, you may have a patient with a general surgical problem who needs to seen quickly but does not require the care of an emergency department. The Department of Surgery has a new streamlined process to help treat those patients who arrive in your office with an acute, outpatient general surgical problem.

To refer such issues, please simply follow these steps:

  1. Call the UR Medicine Contact Center at 1-866-794-URMC (8762)
  2. Your call will be answered by a contact representative who will gather initial information
  3. The UR Medicine Contact Center will then page a surgical nurse practitioner and transfer the nurse practitioner directly to you or your designated staff member.
  4. We will arrange to see the patient at the URMC Ambulatory Surgery Center as soon as possible that day, with a goal of treating the patient within one hour of their arrival at the Ambulatory Center.
  5. We will promptly communicate back to your office the treatment and outcome

This urgent referral line is available during standard physician office hours, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. Off hour problems will need to be referred to the emergency room or other appropriate 24/7 access site.

The Office of The Chair of the Department of Surgery

If you have any questions or concerns, or any comments, please do not hesitate to contact Walter Pegoli, Jr., MD, Interim Chair of the Department of Surgery.

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For general questions, use the URMC call center: (585) 275-8762.

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