Guidelines to Use During Completion of Animal Care and Use Forms

Web-Based Submission of Animal Protocols: Animal Use Protocols must be submitted online using Topaz Enterprise—beginning January 1, 2010, all new submissions of animal protocols and all 36-month reviews must be submitted in this format.  UCAR has been accepting submissions on this system for about 6 months.  The Topaz System can be accessed by web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) from either a Mac or PC.

TOPAZ training is mandatory—all faculty and staff must attend a TOPAZ training session and obtain an account. New faculty members who are transferring to the University must also submit protocols online (individual training can be arranged via telephone if necessary). If a PI wishes to have a lab manager or administrative staff member given privileges to create and edit, or modify an online protocol, they must also attend a training session. Accounts are set up in conjunction with training sessions.

If you have any questions about this or want to schedule TOPAZ training, contact Jean Defendorf in the UCAR office (x5-1693).

updated 12/14/09