Animal Welfare Concerns

Reporting Animal Concerns or Incidents of Non-compliance

All members of the research community have a responsibility to be concerned about animal welfare issues. This is especially true for the staff of the UR Animal Resource and the University Committee on Animal Resources (UCAR). There is a mechanism whereby anyone can report animal welfare concerns or incidents of noncompliance with University or regulatory policies. Noncompliant incidents of a serious nature, i.e., those that cause physical harm or threaten the health status of animal(s) must be reported immediately to the Animal Resource Office. Less urgent matters can be reported via the Animal Concerns or Non-compliance Report Form. Providing a name on this form is optional. At any time, UCAR members or staff, DLAM veterinarians and Vivarium supervisors can be approached with any concerns regarding animal welfare.

You may contact the Animal Resource Office at 275-2651, the UCAR Office at 275-1693, the UCAR Hotline at 275-2055 or the URMC Integrity Hotline at 585-756-8888.


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Updated 1/6/2010