Upstate Stem Cell cGMP Facility

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University of Rochester Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Institute

The University of Rochester Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Institute was founded in 2008 in recognition of the tremendous promise that the discipline of stem cell biology offers for our understanding of development, disease, and discovery of new treatments for a wide range of afflictions. Much as the discoveries of antibiotics and vaccination revolutionized our abilities to treat disease and reduce suffering, the discoveries of stem cell biology are poised to provide similar benefits.

New York Stem Cell Science (NYSTEM)

NYSTEM works to further the agenda of the Empire State Stem Cell Board, whose mission is to foster a strong stem cell research community in New York State and to accelerate the growth of scientific knowledge about stem cell biology and the development of therapies and diagnostic methods under the highest ethical, scientific, and medical standards for the purpose of alleviating disease and improving human health.

Neural Stem Cell Institute - Regenerative Research Foundation (NSCI)

NSCI is dedicated to developing regenerative therapies for diseases of the central nervous system.

By relying on private funding, NSCI will advance neural stem cell research and provide an all-encompassing infrastructure that incubates global regenerative breakthroughs to real-world remedies for those afflicted by CNS disorders.

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