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Employee Engagement Survey Kicks Off April 2.

YOU matter. We're listening.

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Dr RyanA message from the Chair, Dan Ryan, MD

The flyers and intranet postings announcing the 2014 Employee Engagement Survey have become increasingly visible as we draw closer to April 2 – the day the survey can be accessed.  These surveys are a valuable tool that give you a voice and mechanism to positively impact your work environment.  I know that the hospital leadership and department administration look very carefully at the results of the survey. 

There are laboratory units where new initiatives have been started, and this is one of our best ways to really find out if they are working or not, and why.  It is a way to move from anecdotal or random feedback to a systematic look at how everybody views things.  Another valuable benefit is the ability for all of us to learn from those laboratory units where the “best practices” that we all want to use are actually in place and having the desired effect. The ROI is high. The survey is designed to be simple and fast (though it allows more time if needed), and initiate communication, problem-solving, and action plan implementation to shape a work environment in which you thrive. 

What will this require from you? As much time as you choose to invest and an honest, direct, and solutions oriented approach. The Employee Engagement Survey is truly an effective opportunity for staff and employees to help steer the course in creating a satisfying and rewarding work environment.

We are invested in our employees and recognize that you - our greatest asset – enable us to provide Medicine of the Highest Order. Please be sure to participate in the survey.

You do matter, and we are listening!



Our labs in action - results from the last survey.

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