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What We Do

Practice Research System, Basic Research System and Clinical Trials System

Translational biomedical science is the term for multidisciplinary, often team-based research that has as its goal the application of basic science discoveries to improve human health through new diagnostic techniques, new therapies, advances in clinical practice and new community-based interventions. Translational research often begins in the lab with a new discovery in basic biological science which is then “translated” to help solve a problem in human health. It also often begins with a novel observation by an astute clinician, which then spurs new basic research in the lab.

The University of Rochester Clinical and Translational Science Institute promotes this kind of work by creating teams of scientists and physicians to tackle tough problems in human health, and by educating the next generation of translational researchers.


NIH Funding Acknowledgement ** Important ** All publications resulting from the utilization of CTSI resources are required to credit the CTSI grant by including the NIH FUNDING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and must comply with the NIH Public Access Policy.